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It’s a perfectly gigable guitar with a variety of usable, retro-inspired tones. A tone that belies the price. Overall, the Squier represents the model that offers the best value for money here. The build quality is exceptional for the price, but it’s the tonal quality that this guitar possesses that amazes us. Upgrading an inexpensive semi-hollowbody with P-90 sound ... My customer, Nathan Moore, loves the way his Epiphone Casino plays, but he’s not so crazy about the sound of its pickups. Nathan plays in a local band, Sport Fishing USA. Talking after one of their gigs, Nathan told me the pickups in this Epi are considerably overwound. They don’t give him the P ... GFS Guitar Pickups - Guitarfetish

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Single Coils, P90s, Humbuckers: You'll probably be aware that these are all types of guitar pickups, and you might be able to tell them apart at a glace, but... Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar | Guitar Center The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that put Epiphone on the map. Ever since The Beatles purchased three Casinos back in 1964, this hollow Epi model has taken on a life of its own. Equipped with two vintage P-90 single-coil pickups, the Casino still delivers those Beatlesque tones at a price every player can afford. Gibson ES-330 vs Epiphone Casino – Dan Loves Guitars In spite of the above 335 advantages, the Epiphone Casino and Gibson ES-330 are underrated guitars. Single coil pickups have a nice clear tone (described as chimey by many). Yet the coil size of the P90s gives a fatter and sometimes more growly sound than Fender single coils produce.

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Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar, Vintage Sunburst The Epiphone Casino Archtop delivers classic looks and classic sound. With a pair of dog-ear P-90s, this hollowbody electric is a truly versatile guitar. A History of the Epiphone Casino P-90s are key to the Casino's canny combination of chime and grit. The P-90 is a touch sensitive pickup by nature and is perfect for both lead and rhythm sounds.

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Best P90 Pickups - Top Rated P90 Pickups for Electric Guitar ... Apr 19, 2018 ... P90 pickups have been the benchmark ever since these pickups hit the market in 1946. These single coil electric guitar pickups were produced ... 10 Best Hollow Body Guitars & Semi-Hollow Body Guitars - Equipboard The top and sides of the Casino are a 5-ply laminate that allow the guitar to have a .... is that it's essentially an acoustic guitar with a P90 screwed into the top.

See reviews and prices for the Epiphone Casino, as used by John Mayer, Gary Clark Jr, Nick Valensi and 97 others.

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I was going to buy some aftermarket Epi P90s to put in a hollow body guitar I have. The guitar is a cheapo but nice hollowbody. I liked the way the Casino's P90s sounded and thought maybe if I get some of those it will be helpful to my tone. The thing is I found a guy on Ebay that has tons of Epi P90s but I'm not sure if he's legit.