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Dovetail Anchor Slot- Mill Galvanized, Stainless & Hot Dip Dovetail Anchor Slot - Use dovetail anchor slot in new concrete structures and walls and in precast concrete. Slots are nailed to the concrete form before pouring concrete using each indented nail hole provided in the bottom of the dovetail channel. Dovetail_Systems -

Dovetail Stone Anchors: Dovetail stone anchors are manufactured from thicker raw material to give stronger bonding to the masonry unit.Dovetail Masonry Anchors: Dovetail masonry anchors are manufactured to lock into dovetail anchor slot. Normally made from 16 gauge sheet metal. t13 coil-anchor - Dayton Superior APPLICATION Dayton Superior T13 Coil Anchor drill-in anchors are used for attaching braces to the floor slab. CAUTION: Do not attempt to5. Insert the T13 anchor through the foot plate of the wall brace and into the properly drilled hole. Drive the bolt down until the cut washer rests on the foot plate. Atlas Construction Supply, Inc Dayton Superior Formliners Dayton Superior offers the widest selection of architectural concrete formliners in the industry. Over 500 patterns and textures allow for design versatility; with custom sizes and patterns also available for specific job requirements. Contact your Atlas representative for... OTORO Dovetail T-Tracks and Hold Down Clamps | FINE… Standard T-slot bars are anchored by screws to the workbench. Excessive force, however, may bend and wrench them out of their rectangular groove. By comparison, Otoro’'´`s dovetail T-tracks are superior as they fit precisely into the corresponding dovetail slot. Point forces will not bend the bar.

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There are different grades of stainless steel available for varying applications. There are also different sub-classes within the grades that are relative to the alloy percentages in the composition.

Brock White | Dayton Superior Anchor Rock, 1/2" B31 Dayton Superior's B31 Rock Anchor is a preassembled unit tapped with 1/2" diameter coil thread. It is used in sound rock or concrete, allowing one-sided forming of walls or similar applications to be completed quickly and economically.

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D A Y T O N S U P E R I O R . C O M ... DOVETAIL AND CHANNEL ANCHOR SYSTEMS . ...... Designed to anchor masonry to new concrete with the slot. Concrete Anchors and Inserts - MasterFormat 03 15 00.01 - BuildSite See construction submittal data for Concrete Anchors and Inserts products. ... Dayton Concrete Accessories ... PRO-SLOT Anchor Slot & Dovetail Anchors. Gateway Building Products line card SHELF ANGLE INSERTS; ASKEW HEAD BOLTS, NUTS, AND WASHERS; DOVETAIL ANCHOR SLOT; ANCHOR BOLTS; THREADED INSERT; DROP IN ...

See who you know at BoMetals, Inc, leverage your professional network ... Dayton Superior Construction. 1001-5000 employees ... Dovetail Anchor Slot, QuicPlate, No-Key, PVC Chamfer & Radius Formers, Expansion Board ... Dur-O-Wal | Masonry Reinforcement and Anchors Dur-O-Wal is now a Hohmann & Barnard Company . Dur-O-Wal manufactured and supplied quality products to the masonry construction industry since 1939. As an innovator in designing new and improved products for masonry ... FORMING ACCESSORIES - Gateway Building Products